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Art board “Zuihoh - Yorokobi no Shirase -”

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Art board “Zuihoh - Yorokobi no Shirase -”
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Art board
Aritist's Autograph
350 mm × 350 mm
Approximately 600 g
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“Zuihoh - Yorokobi no Shirase -”

“Zuihoh - Yorokobi no Shirase -”

Art board “Zuihoh - Yorokobi no Shirase -” is now available!

*Zuiho = A legendary creature, Chinese phoenix which is said to appear from heaven when a pure and unselfish person overcomes difficulties.
Yorokobi no Shirase = auspicious sign. Good news.

Using the fabric as the canvas contributes to the piece's warm tonality and tender taste, which would successfully make the room gentle and bright.
The frameless board, which fully shows the charms of the picture without being shaded, is stylish and impressive.
Autographed by the artist.
We hope the piece will console and enliven you.

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