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Kazuhisa Kusaba’s Tosaiga calendar 2023

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Kazuhisa Kusaba’s Tosaiga calendar 2023
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Calendar (limited time)
125 mm × 158 mm
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\ A popular original calendar every year! The 2023 version is now available! /

- Monthly calendar with 12 images in total. - Convenient and functional desk calendar.
‐ Original Designs based on the popular works of Kazuhisa Kusaba’s Tosaiga.
‐ We hope the combination of beautiful arts will enrich your upcoming 12 months!

Jan. : Asahi no Gotoku
Feb. : Dainichi Nyorai - Mezame -
Mar. : Tohka no Hime - Iwanagahime -
Apr. : Konohanasakuyahime
May.: Ryuka - Hiyori -
Jun. : Seoritsuhime
Jul. : Kaioh
Aug. : Harukanaru Megami no Kioku - Ryuohi -
Sep. : Kukurihime
Oct. : Hohju Kannon - Okami -
Nov. : Fujigoe no Ryu
Dec. : Musubi - Izanagi Izanami -
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