Ceramic painting "Dragon's Tamasu Gemo-Shine of Holy Land-" 18 Horn

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Tao Cai painting "Dragon Jade Ruyi Baozhu - Motoring and -" 18 angle
ceramic painting
Writer's handwriting sign
縦 180 mm × horizontal 180 mm
縦 288 mm × horizontal 288 mm
Approximately 1500 g
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龍の玉 如意宝珠

龍の玉 如意宝珠

A new color "Sacred of Holy Land" appeared in the Ceramic Picture "Tamakai Gaemet of Dragon".

"The Tamasu Gemo of the dragon" was produced by the study of techniques that baked phosphorescent materials into ceramic paintings as new attempts.
The phosphorescent material absorbs light and stores and releases energy in darkness, causing light to emit energy,
It will be visualized by darkening what you did not see in bright places.
The "Title Gemo" made with this material is a bright colored work in a bright room,
Suddenly when the room of the room is erased, it is a mechanism that "Somiki Taema (Dragon Ball)" appears.
This newly appeared "The Glow of Holy Land" is the brilliance of luminous luminous but also adds blue, but also the mysterious finish.


You can create a 10 square, 18 square, 30 square and similar colors.
Enjoy the abstract work of Makusaichi.


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