Tosaiga "Ryu no tama Nyoi hoju - Sachihae -" (18 angle)

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Tosaiga "Ryu no tama Nyoi hoju - Sachihae -" (18 angle)
Kazuhisa Kusaba
Aritist's Autograph
180 mm × 180 mm
288 mm × 288 mm
Approximately 1500 g
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Tosaiga "Ryu no tama - Nyoihoju -"

A new addition "Ryu no Tama - Nyoihoju - Sachihae " to our Tosaiga!

*Ryu no Tama = dragon’s orb 

Nyoihoju = Cintamani stone, or a wish-fulfilling jewel

The "Ryu no Tama - Nyoihoju" is a series created as a new trial, which is based on the research on the technique of burning phosphorescent materials into Tosaiga.

The phosphorescent materials absorb light and store it as energy when exposed to light, and glow in the dark by releasing the energy.

It means that the phosphorescent paint, which is invisible in a bright place, can be visualized by darkening it.

The "Nyoihoju" series is painted with these materials, so that the artwork, which is simply vibrant and colorful in a light room, has a gimmick to suddenly show luminous orb “Nyoihoju” when you turn off the light.

With the same colors, "Sachihae" can be made in three sizes: 100 mm × 100 mm, 180 mm × 180 mm, and 300 mm× 300 mm.

We hope you enjoy Kazuhisa Kusaba's abstract paintings.

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