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■【For overseas】Register to our online shop and get the original wallpaper!

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoying our artwork.

To welcome and show our gratitude, we offer a standby image of a Tosaiga "Fujigoe no Ryu” as a gift, to those who would register as new members of this online shop.

A registered member gets points according to the payment amount, which can be used for payment at the orders next time onward.
Register to our online shop to get good deals and enjoy shopping!

Click the "Login" button at the top right of the screen and register as a new member on the displayed page.
You will get an email to notify you of the completion of membership registration, which has a link in the body where you can download the wallpaper image.
Click the link to display the image and save it on your device.
* The standby image we offer is mainly for the smartphone devices.

* The image possibly may not be saved depending on the web browser you use.
 In addition, note that the image size may not match the screen size depending on the device you use.

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