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Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou regularly holds Tosaiga exhibitions.
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Tosaiga, a peerless art.

“Tosaiga” is a new art form of porcelain panel painting which was finally realized by more than 30 years study of glazes to utilize Arita ware's 400-year history of traditions and overcome its technical limitations. As they are panel paintings, the art pieces Kazuhisa Kusaba creates to “rejoice in life” will unfadingly keep their bright and sparkling beauty everlastingly.


Embossed litograph

Embossed litograph

Digital silk screen

Digital silk screen



Sparkles, glitters, glossy and slick texture, plastic impression, delicate colors...

It is extremely difficult to perfectly reproduce the fascinating characteristics of Tosaiga. Offering more comparable replicas to their originals, at more affordable prices, to please more people. To gain the objective, we make full use of the latest technologies for the replication products. Embossed Lithograph, Digital Silk Screen, Giclée, each replica series has a unique aesthetic quality and superiority. Every work is carefully created one by one under the artist Kazuhisa Kusaba’s supervision.

We will show you how to decorate your home so that you can feel more familiar with Tosaiga and Replicas of works of art.(Japanese text only)
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OKAMI card set

We selectively picked up the most popular pieces among our Tosaiga and other items to create original design card sets. Enjoy the combination of beautiful cards worth watching and the substantial message book worth reading.
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Original postcards designed based on the popular Tosaiga pieces. Add a message on it to upgrade a gift for your beloved one. Or decorate your favorite area by placing it in a nice frame. The choice is yours.
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Art Board

Using the fabric as the canvas contributes to the piece's warm tonality and tender taste, which would successfully make the room gentle and bright. The frameless board, which fully shows the charms of the picture without being shaded, is stylish and impressive.
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We offer a standby image of a Tosaiga "Fujigoe no Ryu” as a gift to those who would register as new members of this online shop.
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Kazuhisa Kusaba

Tosaiga artist

Kazuhisa Kusaba


Born in Saga prefecture in 1960. Kusaba established “Tosaiga”, a new art form of porcelain panel painting that needs repeating the process of painting and firing more than 10 times to perfect a piece.He is also the author of the picture book "Inochi no Matsuri (Festival of Life)" series, which is assigned in Japanese elementary schools as a supplementary reader in morality classes.

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