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About Ceramic Picture Custom orders

Ideal, dreams and passion

Or sadness to the mourning

The preparedness to remember


In collaboration with the writer Kusaba Kazujutsu, your thoughts are used.
The only work in the world is completed.

Introduction of production examples

We respond to all custom-made requests only in Japanese.
Therefore, in general, we do not accept custom-made orders from overseas.

  • -Alternating size and color We can produce a work with differenth sizes and colors from existing works.

    With the design of a ready -made product, you can change it to the size and color that matches your wishes.
    Depending on the work, it can be produced from the size of a postcard size.

    Custom orders

    "Time is now"

    "As we launched a business, please make" Time is now "full of energy. I would like to do the eyes of the eyes open. "

    ―When we received this request, we thought that your business would always succeed. Thought and enthusiasm were already up.



    ◎ Details of production

    ・ The size is smaller
    Produced a masterpiece (picture size: 1200mm x 600mm) in a custom size.

    ・ The background color is for your favorite color

    ・ Put your eyes on your eyes yourself

  • Works with memories of memories as motifs

    You can produce a pottery painting with a motif with the special memories you have.

    Custom orders

    "Pico and Nozomi"

    "Please make the picture I drew when my daughter was fine, as a pottery painting."

    ―A mother who developed cancer at the age of 9 and died at the age of 15 from his mother.
    The sun is smiling with good friends. That stretch and bright. You can see what was loved.
    "Because I'm always together."
    A pottery painting was completed while hope.
    I put my mother's thoughts into words.



    ◎ Details of production

    ・ I want you to draw the design of your daughter's picture as it is.

Custom orders

Not just looking at what you can see,
Not listening to what you can hear

Lively and used,
Supported and supported, our trip.
When I lose light, but when I'm tired
Without stopping the walk ...

If you have a courage to take a step on your trip and take a step
I am producing a ceramic painting.


We also provide details on the order production on the official website. Please see below.

If you would like place an order, please contact the following. We will also adjust the schedule for meeting with artist Kazuhisa Kusaba.