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■Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.   I cannot login though I had registered as a member before.


A.   Our official online shop was renewed on June 15, 2021.
If you have registered before the renewal, you need to reset your password for the login to continuously use your account.
We sent an email to inform you to reset the password to the address you have registered to the online shop before the renewal.
Please follow the guide and complete the password reset.
Contact us if you cannot find the email.



Q.   I forgot the password.


A.   You need to reset and change your password.
Refer to the link below for the password change.



Q.   I do not receive emails.


A.   Please check the following points.
- Check the junk mail folder.
If they have arrived in the junk mail folder, change the setting so that you can receive emails from "".

- Make sure you have registered your email address correctly.
If you have registered the wrong address, you cannot receive emails.
Contact us from the inquiry form if you are afraid you registered an incorrect email address.



Q.   I want to change/cancel my order.


A.   Once the order is completed, you can neither change nor cancel your order by yourself.
Contact us using the inquiry form if you wish to cancel or change your order. We will respond to you by email.



Q.   I want to specify the delivery date.


A.   If your order is to be sent outside of Japan, you can specify the delivery neither date nor time.



Q.   My products are not yet delivered.


A.   Basically, products other than art pieces (Tosaiga and replicas) are delivered within 7 days after the order. Contact us using the inquiry form if you do not receive a shipping notification email after 7 days.



Q.   I need a receipt.


A.   We issue receipts by email.
If you paid by credit card, check the order confirmation email. If you paid by the bank transfer, check the payment confirmation email.



Q.   I cannot get the points for my product purchase. (The point is not reflected.)


A.   Points are awarded only to customers who have registered as members.
If you are a member, the point will be reflected not immediately after the order is confirmed but when the product is shipped.
Contact us if it is not reflected even after shipping.



Q.   I want to exchange/return a product.


A.   ■ When the product is defective or incorrectly delivered
- We will ask for details and respond to them. Please contact us by inquiry form.

- Returns, exchanges, and refunds are acceptable only within 7 days after the item arrives. If 8 days have passed, we will not accept your demand for returns, exchanges, and refunds.

- We bear the shipping cost for returning and redelivering products only when the product was defective or incorrectly delivered.

■ When it is just for the customer’s convenience
- No refunds are accepted.

- If you return the product due to unavoidable circumstances, return it at your own expense.

- When the product is redelivered because it was not received, the shipping fee is charged to the customer.

- Failure to receive the item is not a reason for refund. We do not accept a refund request when you do not receive the product.

* We do not accept returns after opening the product.
* Some products may not be returned.



Q.   My product has not arrived.


A.   We send a shipping notification email after we arrange the delivery. Confirm the luggage inquiry number in the email and refer to the delivery company.



Q.   I need advice on how to select and display art pieces.


A.   If you have questions such as “I am not sure where at home to display my favorite piece” and “I would like to know more details about the replica series,” do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff will be your help.


If you have any other questions, contact us using the inquiry form.



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