Shopping guide

Shopping guide

Please select your product(s) and put it in your cart

Pick works that you like, and click the "add to cart" button.

Please continue to the purchase procedure

On the shopping cart screen, please double check the items and prices, and then click the "continue to purchase" button.
◎ To check your the contents of your order:
→If you're ordering from a PC, please check the right side of your screen
→If you're ordering from a smartphone, please press the "Order summary/ add coupon" button at the top of the screen

<About specifying the desired delivery date and time>
If you have a desired delivery date, please specify it.
Please select a date at least 3 business days (weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays) after the day you order.
Important: When ordering only [post mailing] products, or ordering [products on reserve], you cannot specify a desired delivery date.

Please enter purchaser information

Please enter "contact information" and "shipping address" information.

※You can rest assured that our shopping cart has personal information encrypted with SSL.
※If you already are a member and are logged in, your customer information will be entered automatically.  If you want to change it, please enter it in directly.
※When entering in the shipping address, please enter all details such as city, town, address, room/house number, etc.

Please double check your shipping information

Click the "Select delivery method" to double check shipping information.

Select payment method

Please click the "Proceed to payment" button.
Select your preferred payment method and click the "Pay now" or "Complete order" button.
Your order is now completed!

Important: We do not accept cash payments, please pay by credit cards.

[Cautions and Requests]
It is not possible to add items to a confirmed order, or ship multiple orders at once.  If you wish to make additional orders or ship an order in the same package, you will be asked to order again using the same cart, so we will cancel each item you have already ordered.  We're sorry for the inconvenience, but please contact us upon cancelling your order.

About payment methods

Pay by credit card (JCB, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)
Please don’t use  any other payment methods. We accept cash credit cards payments only.

About Membership Points after registration

If you register as a member and then shop, you can use accumulated points at 1 yen per point.
※ Points will be awarded after the product has been shipped