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"Ryugu" is the source of things that are born, and is said to be the place of life birth.
When I opened this gate of Ryugu, I would like you to have such an experience that you will be reborn.
We will deliver "Ryugu Message" in the new year.


This "wooden box from Ryugu" contains a hundred dice and a message book.
The hundreds of the hundred dice have the meaning of "complete (all)".
We have been connected for a long time without interruption for the beginning of the universe. If you think about it, what we exist here is exactly what you can call a miracle.

On the psycho's hundreds, the number of eyes located just on the other side of the hundred eyes is one.
Similarly, the total number of face facing each side is 101.
And while hundreds mean "perfect", the number of one means "yourself".
In other words, the total 101 on the face of the face is a meaningful number that means linking all the events and themselves.

By shaking the dice, you will be guided to the awareness of the events that are currently happening.


The message book also includes 200 advice, a shadow and positive, linked to the eyes of the dice.
It is a special message collection that explains the clues that go to the future and the future.

"You" and the "complete world" are connected correctly, so that you can step toward the future with a fresh heart that has been newly born.
We will send it to everyone in hopes that Ryugu, the root of the roots that creates things, will make a leap in a better world.


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