KANNONRIKI Giclée "Ryugu no takara"

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KANNONRIKI Giclée "Ryugu no takara"
Replica· Giclée
Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou, Ltd.
Aritist's Autograph
Picture size: 243 mm × 182 mm
Frame size: 320 mm × 260 mm
Weight: Approximately 1kg
Picture size: 353 mm × 274 mm
Frame size: 440 mm × 363 mm
Weight: Approximately 1.5kg
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※ There are multiple sizes

KANNONRIKI Giclée, limited edition to 30 types

KANNONRIKI Giclée, limited edition to 30 types

The “KANNONRIKI” Card Special Edition is now available as a replica, Giclée!

◆ What is replication Giclée?
Giclée, also referred to as digital lithograph, is a printmaking technique that enables more faithful reproduction of the original image by using the leading-edge computer technologies.
After precisely analyzing the original image with a computer, more than 4 million microparticles per second are ejected onto the paper.
Furthermore, by mixing 512 colors of ink, it is possible to develop as many as 70,000 subtle colors.
Giclée is said to surpass the limits of conventional print reproduction techniques in terms of the precision and color of the original print.
* The surface has a matte finish without the luster or three-dimensional effect seen in the Digital Silk Screen replica.

◆About delivery time
This Giclée work will be produced one by one after confirming your order.
Basically, the product will be shipped in about a week, but it may take some more time depending on the availability of the frame.
◆About frame
The frame for this work is not necessarily the same as the image on this page.
The item we actually offer is the same in hue but might have a slightly different design.

◆About color
The color and the texture of the actual product might be marginally different from the image you see depending on the monitor, OS, or browser you use.

◆About our Tosaiga and replica
Our Tosaiga pieces and replicas are carefully produced one by one.
Please note that requests to purchase or to return our items are not acceptable.