Giclée "Daiseimei - Ryubo"

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Giclée "Daiseimei - Ryubo"
Replica· giclée
Kazuhisa Kusaba Kobo
Aritist's Autograph
Picture size: 297 mm wide x 187 mm long
Frame size: 377 mm wide x 267 mm long
Weight: Approximately 800g
Picture size: 570 mm wide x 355 mm long
Frame size: 680 mm wide x 465 mm long
Weight: Approximately 3000g
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Kazuhisa Kusaba 'Daiseimei - Ryubo' limited to limited Giclée works

Kazuhisa Kusaba 'Daiseimei - Ryubo' limited to limited Giclée works

Introducing the giclée replica of the painting "Daiseimei (Ryubo)".
Giclée, also known as digital lithograph, is a printmaking technique that uses the latest computer technology to enable more faithful reproduction of the original image. After analyzing the original image with a computer and measuring it precisely, jet injection of more than 4 million microparticles per second is performed. By mixing 512 colors of ink, it is possible to develop as many as 70,000 subtle colors, and it is said that both the precision and color of the original image exceed the limits of conventional print reproduction techniques.

* The surface has a matte finish and does not have the luster and three-dimensional effect of digital silk screen.


◆ About color
The color you are currently viewing and the color of the actual work may differ slightly depending on the monitor, OS and browser version used.Thank you for your understanding.

◆ About delivery time of reproduction Giclée
Each of the Giclée works posted is produced one by one.
It may take about 1 weeks for delivery after ordering.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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