Ryugu Message (Japanese text only)

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Ryugu Message
Postcard set
100-sided dice:50mm diameter Message book:100 mm × 115 mm
100-sided dice:Approximately 420g  Message book:Approximately 120g
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Ryugu Message

Ryugu Message

\ A hundred pieces of advice to you given by a hundred-sided dice and the message book! /

We offer you a set of:
- A colorful and beautiful hundred-sided dice which we specially ordered for this set item.
- A message book from Tosaiga artist Kazuhisa Kusaba, a collection of a hundred pieces of advice. Every piece is paired positive and negative just like the upright position and inverted position.

[Pre-order special price]
¥27,500 → ¥25,000
January 1, 2022 00:00 ~ January 31, 2022 12:00

[About delivery]
We will ship sequentially from February 1st.

[How to use]
Cast the dice, and pick the attached message book to read the advice message with the same number you got on the dice.
* This is just an example.

Cooperation: Fate appraiser 優蘭(Yuran)


◆Language of the message book
The message book is given only in Japanese. Please note that we do not offer the English version.

◆About color
The color and the texture of the actual product might be marginally different from the image you see depending on the monitor, OS, or browser you use.