Gloss gold special print "Konohanasakuyahime" framed

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Gloss gold special print "Konohanasakuyahime" framed
Special print card (engraved)
246 mm x 298 mm
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Gloss gold special print

Gloss gold special print "Konohanasakuyahime" framed

In Tosaiga ceramic paintings, we use a lot of pure gold for ornaments and designs such as Bodhisattva art pieces.
The texture and luster of gold is difficult to reproduce with printing techniques,
This time, I had the desire to express the precise colors of the original picture as much as possible.
This set is created with more special processing than Kannon Riki cards and others.
Introducing [Glossy Gold] that reproduces the luster and three-dimensionality of the original picture!
Also this item has an engraved seal,It is tailored with a solid gold frame and a mat.
Please enjoy a beauty like these Tosaiga ceramic paintings.


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