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Tosaiga "Naru Yohni"

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Tosaiga "Naru Yohni"
Kazuhisa Kusaba
Artist's Autograph
180 mm × 140 mm
277 mm × 237 mm
Approximately 1 kg
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Tosaiga "Naru Yohni"

A new addition, titled "Naru Yohni", to our Tosaiga!
For the creation of this work, Kazuhisa Kusaba freely and directly painted on a ceramic panel without a sketch, following his inspiration.
The colors and hues would seem different depending on the angle you watch.
Autographed by the artist.
Every Tosaiga work is handcrafted to be the same as no other pieces. Thus the actual product is not exactly the same as the image given. Enjoy the unique beauty.


“Jizai - Sparkling Glaze” Series, ~ Longing for Unseen Sparkles ~

The series of artworks, which is the result of our new challenge, is named “Jizai - Sparkling Glaze”.
Jizai, whose original kanji "自在" means to be at will, signifies to freely paint without a sketch, following my inspiration.
And moreover, what inspired me was the glassware excavated from the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, whose surface shines in diverse hues because of the silvering phenomenon.
These ancient Roman glass artifacts happened to combine with the metal components during the 2000 years by chance in the soil to become even more beautiful.
I have tried to deliberately reproduce this silvering phenomenon in the kiln during the firing, though it took place originally inground accidentally.
Now the endeavor to evolve my Tosaiga, or the art of fire, is finally about to bear fruit.
The ancient sparkle, reborn beyond human expectations and skills, is an outcome of the fire's unpredictable performance.
Even though it cannot necessarily come true just because I wish for it, still, I believe that my unrelenting longing and aspirations will lead me to new sparkles. The harder the challenge is, the greater the joy I will get when I overcome it.
With a longing for unseen brilliance.

Tosaiga artist, Kazuhisa Kusaba


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