Tosaiga "Daiseimei" (18 angle)

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Tosaiga "Daiseimei" (18 angle)
Kazuhisa Kusaba
Aritist's Autograph
180 mm × 180 mm
288 mm × 288 mm
about 1000 g
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The "Ryu no Tama - Nyoihoju" is a series created as an attempt to research the technique of burning phosphorescent materials into Tosaiga ceramic paintings. The phosphorescent material absorbs light, stores it, releases energy in the dark, and shines.  Things you couldn't see in bright light can be seen by darkening it.  The "Nyoihoju" series was created using these materials, made in a bright room with bright colors. But turn the lights off in the room and a "Nyoihoju (Ryu no Tama)" (Dragon ball) suddenly appears.


◆About the frame

The frame displayed is the one use at the time of production.  We use the same colors, but the design of the frame may differ.

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Regarding the color and texture of the work, the color you are viewing and the actual color may differ slightly, depending on the  monitor, OS, and browser used. Thank you for your understanding.

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Since our works are carefully produce, including Tosaiga and their replicas, one by one for those important to us, and those we would like to continue to have a relationship with, we do not accept negotiations


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Ceramic painting works are also availab for ordering in accordance with your budget.
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