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Space in the plate -scoop the galaxy in the palms
Inspired by Mongolia's life and death

"The universe in the plate" is a work that is created using a ceramic painting technique and draws a galaxy on a pottery.

Speaking of "Mongolia", it has recently become a "sumo wrestling", but the Mongolian People's Republic was founded in 1924. Since then, as the modernization has progressed, the people's way of life has changed dramatically in the process of market economy, and manhole children (homeless, in the winter, cannot live on the street in Mongolia, which is extremely cold, and a manhole is home). The number of children called has increased, and volunteers of their uncles, Takuo Koga (representative of the Earth Citizen's Association), rushed to volunteers.

With such a connection, I was invited to the founding festival at the third president, and I presented a pottery painting called "Large Ha" with the thanks and wishes for peace. I was allowed to.

The introduction has become longer, but the main topic is the story I heard from the President Secretary.

In Mongolia, I have been living while nomads for livestock, such as sheep, horses and goats. To move through the meadow, people live in tents called gel or Pao. Next to each other seems to be very close, but next door is 20 kilometers and 30 kilometers away.

Someday, it will be old and it will be difficult to have a nomating life. It's time to know your limits, but then you put as much sake in a water bottle, ride a horse, and go to a good neighbor to say goodbye. At the end of that, he drinks enough to drink the remaining sake in the prairie.

If you lie down, the starry sky is full. Please imagine. One on the magnificent prairie, the spacious universe and the endless stars. It is said that it is reflected not only in his life, but also from the beginning of the universe to the future, not only in his life, as well as his life. And I was born again in this land and I was able to sleep a lot in the absolute relief that I could have a fun life again ――――I was that story.

The full starry sky and my life overlap, which spreads throughout the large screen of the universe. When the universe and "I" return, it is raw, death, no life. Such a view of life and death was made into a work called "the universe in the plate". In the past, the present, and the future, the stars shine over our head to the end of their life. Isn't this shine the "glow of life" of all creatures?

In the universe
Even though it's a very tiny existence
We were named small universe.

It ’s not good
If so
I want to cherish my universe.
Call it "life".

Deep dark
After sleeping
Because I came
Open your eyes firmly
I'm going to see stars, light, infinity and silence.

If you call
I will respond
I was born in such a world.

That it wasn't alone
Don't forget to live ...
It is a plate depicting the stars scooped in the palm.

Kusaba Ichiju


◎ "The universe on the plate" is
It is produced using light phosphorescent materials that absorb light, store energy, release energy in the dark, and glow.
By darkening the room, the mysterious universe can be visualized in the plate.

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