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Fun for decorating the work

~ Pottery painting (original picture) edition ~

The charm of ceramic paintings is "colorful sparkle" and "transparency unique to pottery" not found in other paintings. Its characteristics create various expressions depending on where they are on display. Here, we will introduce recommended decorations to enjoy porcelain painting more.

Since the pottery painting is a painting of pottery, there is no damage due to light or room temperature, and it is not necessary to manage "direct sunlight and lighting strength" and "humidity adjustment" that must be concerned about general artworks. 。 Therefore, compared to other artworks, the options are greatly expanded in places where you can decorate your work.

Ceramic painting_Swirl

Pottery painting changes color depending on the type of light and viewing angle, so you can come across a new expression by decorating the work where you often go back and forth in your life.

Pottery painting
Pottery painting
Pottery painting
Pottery painting
◎ Please enjoy the change of shine even in the video

In addition, when light is exposed, you can feel the solid gloss of pottery, and the pure gold applied to the cash decoration part also shines.

Depending on the four seasons, the sunshine in the window will change, so I would like you to decorate the work for a long time and enjoy changes in expressions that are not found in other art. If you decorate it for a long time, you may have a love for works that you will not get tired of.

◎ Exhibition method

As with ordinary paintings, you can hang the wire on the picture rail and decorate it.
Even in a room without a picture rail, you can decorate it if you install a hook with a load -bearing load that suits the work on the wall.
* Please check the load capacity of hooks, wires, and picture rails in advance.
Find back_ Image

Even in a room without a picture rail, you can decorate it if you install a hook with a load -bearing load that suits the work on the wall.
There are many light works in porcelain paintings, and even rental properties that cannot be crafted on the wall can be decorated using hooks and eggplants that are inserted with a pins that are hard to see holes. Place it in a safe place that does not fall and enjoy the work.

Bundled hook
Image of hook insertion

Ceramic painting_ exhibition scenery

● Recommended place to decorate ceramic paintings (original drawings)

🖊You can feel the beauty of the work more if you decorate it in a place where natural light hits or where there is lighting.
🖊When decorating on a desk or shelf, avoid places that are easy to fall, decorate them in a horizontal place.


The detailed explanation of ceramic painting isHere (What is a pottery picture)Please refer to the.


~ Duplication picture ~

The duplications produced by our studio include [Embosslit Graph], [Digital Silk Screen], and [Jikure].
These duplications are produced by spraying inkjet on dedicated paper, but if you can exhibit and store any duplicate works in the following places, you can enjoy it longer.

● The best place to decorate the duplicated work

🖊A place where direct sunlight does not continue
🖊A place that does not touch the water
🖊A place where humidity is hard to increase


Jikure _ The goddess's memory dragon queen
Embosslit Graph _ Kaio
Digital Silkscreen _Soritsuhime

Regarding the features of each duplication,Here (What is a duplicate picture)Please refer to the.Video (YouTube)But we are introducing it.

Art provided by Kusaba Ichigo Kobo

"The art itself has a beautiful beauty, but it is beautiful in the heart," said the writer, "I do not think that the art itself has beautifulness." The mind (thinking and emotion) changes in the situation and environment. It is always swaying, such as over -capturing things that usually feel trivial, and I'm worried about the future that I haven't yet come.

I think art is one of the tools that stabilize such a shaking heart. At the Kusaba Ichiju Kobo, we hope that we can help you return to the heart that is bustling through the work and help the beauty of the heart that you have.
By all means, please enjoy the exhibition of works that you can taste with your eyes and heart.